icon_metro-now.png  What's New in Metro 6.1?

Metro 6.1, the latest version of low-latency, professional options trading platform, offers an improved user experience and provides better server/client reliability and performance. 

Some major changes for Metro 6.1:

  • Improved efficiency of data processing on the client 

  • Support for CME Market Segment Gateways and Drop Copy 4.0

  • Market data aggregation to combine data and positions in products across multiple exchanges

  • Implemented Volatility Curve Dimension for additional modeling functionality


Order Ticket 

  • Larger font size in both price and quantity fields

  • Compacted grid and relocated total greeks to save space

  • Order Type based display for Stop and Market orders

  • Redesigned date/time in force chooser

  • Ability to route orders to a Freeway algorithm

  • Revamped mini ticket when Options disabled

Trade Sheets
  • Trade Sheets font size has been addressed to allow more flexibility and adapt to high density resolution screens

  • Configuration will allow for spinners to be side by side rather than top and bottom to increase the size of the buttons



Virtual Market Data Provider

  • Market Data

    • Use a single instrument to monitor data from multiple products

    • Aggregated Volume across instruments

    • Best of values for market data statistics such as High and Low

  • Order Routing

    • Virtual instrument automatically selects exchange with best bid or offer and highest quantity when prices are equal

    • Order automatically entered in the exchange listed instrument

  • Integrated Functionality

    • Virtual instrument acts like any other instrument in Metro

    • Can be used as an underlying for theoretical pricing

    • Can be used in an mission type, allowing users to run a single mission across multiple exchanges






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